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For the limited time Sprint Customers are able to enroll in Total Equipment ProtectionSM outside of the normal 30 days. Don't miss your opportunity to have complete protection.
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Total Equipment ProtectionSM

  • Comprehensive coverage for most issues
  • Protection from high replacement costs
  • Fast and easy, 7x24 claim filing
  • Free, next day replacement delivery
  • Online tools for lost phone & data protection

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  • Find Your Phone

    Total Equipment ProtectionSM is more than just a replacement plan for a dead or lost phone.
    It also comes with online features that protect your existing handset too!

    Available at no additional charge to Total Equipment ProtectionSM Subscribers, the Protection app lets you:

    • Find a misplaced phone with an audible alarm
    • Locate a locked phone on a map using GPS technology
    • Remotely lock a missing phone
    • Automatically and wirelessly sync your contacts
    • Easily transfer saved contacts to a new phone

    The App works on Android, Blackberry and select feature phones. View a list of compatible devices.

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If the Designated Wireless Device fails due to an Operational Failure, We will repair it, or, at our sole option, replace it with a device of comparable kind and quality. If failure occurs in the standard battery, standard charger, and/or Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) Card in conjunction with the Operational Failure of the Designated Wireless Device, we will also repair, or, at our sole option, replace one standard battery, one standard charger, or one Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) Card, as applicable. Routine walk in service as available in Sprint Phone Repair Centers is provided at no additional charge to Program customers. Visit a Sprint Phone Repair Center for service. THERE IS NO ASSURANCE, REPRESENTATION, OR GUARANTEE THAT ANY REPLACEMENT EQUIPMENT WILL BE IDENTICAL OR OFFER THE SAME FUNCTIONALITIES AS THE ITEM BEING REPLACED. Replacement Equipment will be new or refurbished, in Our sole discretion. The wireless device included with the Replacement Equipment immediately becomes the Designated Wireless Device. You hereby assign to Us all rights and benefits of any manufacturer’s warranty or other ancillary coverage relating to any Covered Equipment that We replace.

Return of Replaced Equipment/Non-return Charge. Covered Equipment approved for replacement must be returned to Us. You will be required to return the failed Covered Equipment at the Sprint Phone Repair Center or, We may require You to return the Covered Equipment to us at our expense in the return mailer we provide within ten (10) days. You must return the Covered Equipment as directed by Us, or pay the non-returned equipment charge applicable to the model of Covered Equipment that We replace. YOU CAN AVOID THIS CHARGE BY SIMPLY RETURNING THE COVERED EQUIPMENT AS DIRECTED.